Tenant Information

Have you found a property you would like to lease?

Great! So you have found a property you would like to possibly rent. The next step is to view the property. This can be done by checking the property advertisement on our Rent List or on the Internet for the next upcoming scheduled Open for Inspection.

To attend an Open for Inspection, you need to pre-register your details. You can also show up to the property with your current photo ID a few minutes in advance to meet the Leasing Consultant who will then show you through.

If you find that there is not an Open for Inspection listed on the advertisement, this could mean a number of things:

  • The property is not available until a specified date (as displayed on the advertisement) due to possible current tenancy
  • The property is ‘Application Pending’ meaning an applicant just been approved for the property but is yet to be confirmed.
  • The Property is available for viewing by ‘Inspection by Appointment’ only which will be outlined in the Property details.

If you find that the property is ‘Available Now’ but does not have an inspection time allocated, please ensure that you register to the property and you will receive an email or SMS alert advising when a time has become available.

To ensure you don’t miss out on viewing a property, please leave yourself ample time to arrive to your destination within the set specified time as we cannot promise that any staff members will be available to take you through.

Applying for a Property

If you have decided that you would like to apply for the property that you have just viewed, you may request a BRADY residential Application Form in one of the following ways:

  • You may request this from the Property Manager after the inspection you have attended
  • You can collect these from the reception area of the BRADY residential office
  • You can download this from our website. Click here for application form

Please ensure all areas of the application form are completed and as much detail as possible is provided to make for a efficient and smooth process.

Application forms will not be processed if they are lacking in information and are not supported with the following documents (as applicable):

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (C.O.E)
  • Proof of income over one month or if you are a student, a current bank statement showing sufficient funds
  • If you are not an Australian Resident, please provide a copy of your Visa
  • Copy of photo ID e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, KeyPass.

Any other documentation that you feel could help your application along, feel free to include this.

Please Note: If there is more than one adult applying, the above procedure applies to each applicant.

What comes next?

Once you have completed your application form and have attached the relevant supporting documents, you can now submit this to our office via one of the following options:

  • In person at reception. Our office is located at 396 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 300
  • Email this to the relevant Property Manager as noted on the property advertisement.
  • Post to our office
  • Fax to our office on 03 9602 2733

Once submitted, the Property Manager will begin processing your application which could take up to three (3) business days as long as all references can be checked.

We ask all applicants to be mindful of the fact that some of our Landlords reside overseas, therefore decisions may take longer than anticipated to process. All final decisions to place a tenant in the respective property are made by the Landlord only.

Application Form

If you have found a property you would like to lease and have since attended an inspection, feel free to submit a completed tenancy application form via 2Apply portal.

Please note: If you fail to provide additional documents where applicable or do not complete the fields on the application form as required, your application may not be accepted or you may find the approval process delayed.